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To The Contrary

To The Contrary

To The Contrary

To The Contrary, Public Broadcasting's successful all-female news analysis series, is celebrating its 30th season on air. With women in the forefront of politics and on the cutting edge of national agendas, To The Contrary continues to provide an important, timely forum for women to discuss national and international issues and policies. It presents news and views that are rarely, if ever, available elsewhere on television.
Do you believe something to be common knowledge? Don't believe everything you hear or read on the internet. In today's world, myth replaces fact and common knowledge is becoming all too uncommon. We dive into the myths to extrude the facts in short, easy to digest, weekly episodes. So sit back and prepare your brain pan for stimulation.
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Pennies are usually those worthless copper discs taking up valuable space in our cars ashtray or our sock drawers (I'm the only one here?), but can they really kill you when dropped from on high? In this, our maiden episode, we flip for heads or tails and decide whether this is myth or Contrary To The Facts.…
Why are Americans so angry and what does it mean for our democracy? And a Netflix movie sparks the question, ar all women cut out to be mothers?" Host Bonnie Erbe' discusses these issues with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Republican commentator Ann Stone George Washington University Professor Laura Brown and Republican strategist Rina Shah.…
Biden's Family Plan: How will the president's "American Families Plan" help, and how much will it cost? Non-Religious Women: The percentage of women who do not belong to an organized religion is higher than ever. PANEL: Carrie Lukas, Tiana Lowe, Erin Matson, Aisha MillsTo The Contrary
We speak with Lisa Selin Davis, author of Tomboy: The Surprising History And Future of Girls Who Dare To Be Different. Stemming from experiences her daughter faced at a young age, Davis explores the root of gender stereotypes and conformity. From parental influence to societal views, Tomboy aims to provide a historical as well as a different perspe…
Author Lyz Lenz discusses her books God Land: A Story of Faith, Loss, and Renewal in Middle America and more recently Belabored: A Vindication of The Rights of Pregnant Women. God Land, which also serves as a memoir for Lenz, explores the intersection between family, faith, and politics. Belabored tackles politicizing pregnancy. How will this incom…
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