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Presenter Pete Doyle Tracks played are: 'That's Alright' by The Great Leslie 'Be Happy' by Two Weeks in Nashville 'Take My Demons' by Caitlin Mae 'Passion' by Pink Patheress 'Bloom' by Matilda Mann Tony Manning's Top 5 'Dont Know Why We Met' by Car Park 'I want to kill you' by Citizen 'In the bad times' by Vant 'Numb' by Sylvan Esso 'Manchester Sup…
In this special edition, Pete Doyle Interviews Chris Difford about his Song Club and his newly released Compilation album of songs by award-winning songwriters – including Nick Heyward, Graham Gouldman, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mark Nevin and more – that celebrate frontline nurses is released today. Curated by Squeeze co-founder Chris Difford, the Son…
Presenter, Pete Doyle Track 1: 'Playing with Fire' by Slackrr Track 2: 'Larger than life' by Neshiima Track 3: 'A Letter Unread' by Lastelle Track 4: 'One the Inside' by As Everything Unfolds Interview with Aaron Iley , from InAir , Musician, Producer and Teacher Track 5: 'Meant to be' by InAir Track 6: 'Regress' by InAir Track 7: 'Broken' by Our F…
Presenter Pete Doyle Track 1: Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning Track 2: Grow by Audio Kicks Track 3: No Sunshine by Kipper Gillespie Track 4: Co-op by Bess Atwell Songwriter Interview : George Parnell Track 5: Right Person, Wrong Time by CJ Pandit Track 6: Electric Dream by Pixey Track 7: Red Clouds by Dead Nature Track 8: Troll Hunter by Noctur…
Presenter Pete DoyleTrack 1: "Victim of The Groove" by Tom AutonTrack 2: "Hollow Tree" by Cosmic RaysTrack 3: "Better Me" by RonanThe 12 Notes Songwriter Interview: Katie KingTrack 4: "Vengeance" by Sam HaynesTrack 5: "Mind Architects" by Jays Track 6:...Various
Presenter , Pete DoyleTrack 1: 'Lost in this World' by Mellor Track 2: 'Better' by Dignity RowTrack 3: 'London Sky' by The ScreensTrack 4: 'Fear no fight' by StoicTrack 5: 'Big World' by Rafaella Track 6: 'Protect your Energy' by Blam Track 7: 'Quarter...Various
Presenter: Pete DoyleTrack 1: "That Big Win" by Mariah Pariah Track 2: "The Hunter" by Sherry CounsellorsTrack 3: "Helen Mirren" by The Ringards Track 4: "I Wish" by Julia-Sophie Track 5: "I Will Wait" by Elizabeth and Jameson Track 6: "Days Awake" by...Various
Presenter Pete DoyleThis is our first special takeover edition featuring Martin and Simon from The Songwriting Academy.Simon's talks through tracks from his new album launch "Cuts and Bruises" written and performed by Siimon and song writing...
Presenter - Pete DoyleTrack 1: "No Angel" by Android Anima Track 2: " Falling Stone" by Third LungTrack 3: "Escape to Plan" by Blue Orchid ReactionTrack 4: "Mother" by DreamkidsTrack 5: "Hits like a Fix" by The Gravity Drive Track 6: "Make you stay" by...Various
Presenter Pete DoyleTrack Listing Track 1: 'Tryin' to get to Heaven' by David BowieTrack 2: '100,000 people' by Kings of Leon ( we know, we made an exception!)Track 3: 'Bitter' by Blakey Track 4: 'Animal' by Lucy Spraggon Track 5: 'Rules' by Arlissa...Various
Presenter : Pete DoyleTrack 1: "Pull back the shades" by Doops Track 2: "Caroline" by Arlo Parks Track 3: "Boy Bye" by Lauren Hibberd Track 4: "When it Breaks" by Inhaler Track 5: "Coming up Short: by BloxxTrack 6: "To be young and in love" by The...Various
The NewMusic Show Episode 5 - Sun 27 Dec 2020Tracks played:1. Trad by Nadine Shah2. Brother by The King's Parade3. Snakes Snakes Everywhere by Park Roger4. Sun Seeker by Another Sky5. She by Lilly Jane Preston6. Canaries by Alice Robbins7. Felt So Good...Various
Presenter : Pete Doyle Track 1: "Out of my Hands" by The Great LeslieTrack 2: "The Replacer" by Blacklist Track 3: "Orion" by Frankie WessonTrack 4: "Web of Lies" by Velocet DimensionsTrack 5: "Jim Let's Play" by Drug Store RomeosTrack 6: "I didn't know...Various
Show 2 Presenter : Pete Doyle Tracks played in order'I wish I was a' by Noisy 'Here it comes again' by SportsTeam'Always' by The Snuts'Stars' by Feed Your Wolves 'Ghost in Me' by Darla Jade 'Everything I know keeps changing' by The Choco La's'Wake up'...Various
Welcome to our very first show. Presenter: Pete Doyle (founder)Tracks played Stranger by Sundara KarmaCan't Talk, Wont by Coach Party Lie out Loud by BloxxThese are the times by Seth DanielsInterview with Dave Maul, Festival Promoter, Are you...Various
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