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VLOG: Azrak scoop, trials, Joshua Schulte CJA on duty and Viktor Bout trade offer after life of running guns WITH the UN system, carrying UN peacekeepers who rape and now murder with impunity, UN @AntonioGuterres refuses comment, bans Press, more coming…
scoop: Money Launderer For Mexican Drug Cartels Wanted To Cooperate In SDNY, But Tipped off CC-3 on Aug 3, SoIs Quietly Presented & Detained @SDNYLIVE With Only Inner City Press in Mag Court - story: Docs…
VLOG: In crypto news, Co*nbase Wahi says not securities, so no insider trading; Eddy Alexandre lawyer paid by EminiFX investors. UN kills civilians in DRC, which wants Mathias Gillmann out, @UN_Spokesperson won't answer Press
VLOG: @SDNYLIVE Inner City Prss asked Damian Williams about Gutierrez in the Mag - also, Viktor Bout, on which corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres is silent. C0*nbase Wahi later, rushing to Alexandre EminiFX
VLOG: Michael Cohen Lawsuit For Remand to Otisville Fends off Trump Argument to Dismiss - While expanding Bivens is disfavored, is action by a President, action already hit by SDNY Judge Hellerstein, enough? Also, #BrutalKangaroo
VLOG: Mag court scoops II, Jose Guterriez was ordered released now superseding murder indictment, Russian Roots email & trafficking case GMax echo; China threatens on Pelosi at UN & @AntonioGuterres silent
VLOG: Mag Court scoop on Iran murder plot; UN actually murders Congolese but SG @AntonioGuterres wraps himself in #Ukraine corn; week ahead Coinbase Wahi insider trading case, DEA trial
VLOG: #GhislaineMaxwell pushes appeal into 2023; on #RKelly case DeBoSki free w/o the Net; UN Ukraine failure has @AntonioGuterres on vacation amid Odesa bombs
VLOG: Congressman insider trader Buyer; DEA case sealed, speaker in Schulte room; trafficking case contrasted to #GhislaineMaxwell, UN kills hungry Congolese
VLOG: Josh Schulte juror 4 Juan Flores admits notes shared among jurors, violating Judge Furman's order - now hearing like in #GhislaineMaxwell on Scotty David? Don Russell pleads in EDNY, UNSC fails on Iraq & Turkiye as SG @AntonioGuterres continues vacation
COURT REPORT: In Richard Rosario v. NYC, case of man imprisoned 20 years for murder in Bronx while 13 say he was in Florida, 1 of 13 crossed by NYPD about memory, romantic relationship, "case is not for peanuts" Inner City Press coverage…
VLOG: Law day, from Dirty Doc Cruciani in NY court to Rosario v. NYC @SDNYLIVE ; 3 pm US v. Josh Schulte #Wikileaks case #BrutalKangaroo… while UN fail on #Ukraine & @AntonioGuterres calls Putin papacito
VLOG: Rosario v NYC, Bronx false arrest 20 years; Josh Schulte #Brutal Kangaroo; Dirty Doc Cruciani w/ 3 houses & free lawyer; UN covers up Odesa bombing, @AntonioGuterres bans Press
VERDICT VLOG: R. Kelly Associate Donnell Russell was just found guilty of making an interstate gun threat to shut down @LifetimeTV screening of Surviving R. Kelly. Inner City Press live tweeted the trial, compared #RKelly & Jeffrey Epstein
VLOG: #RKelly "associate" Don Russell closings - & verdict? Giuffre v Dershowitz, his tax returns, her Perth depo. UNSG @AntonioGuterres failed on Ukraine, coming back with food? #BigTony
VLOG: #RKelly & Jeffrey Epstein compared… UN took Epstein's money; Email on Josh Schulte #Wikileaks case still sealed, calling all whistleblowers
VLOG: #RKelly "associated" Don Russell opening statements, Chris Gunn arraignment EDNY; Virgil Griffiths & Emms in Saudi; Schulte & #BrutalKangaroo. UN covers up its Colombia scandal; CFBP closes complaints - and FOIA requests about them
VLOG: #RKelly associate Don Russell jury selection, trial; comparing to Epstein. UN whistleblowers Colombia, comparing to Josh Schulte. UNGA circus, FRBNY on CRA "off the record"??
VLOG: On Josh Schulte, judge gets but seals email, #BrutalKangaroo. Trial of #RKelly associate Don Russell for @Lifetimetv screen threats starts @SDNYLIVE . UN sells Mandela Prize to oil family, sends corrupt #UNOPS to Tigray, Big Tony @AntonioGuterres on junket
VLOG: After Josh Schulte verdict, lame coverage leads to digging in 10-gj-3793 EDVA, #BrutalKangaroo; UN failing on Ukraine raised to Fed on BNP-Bank of Montreal
Morning after 9 guilty verdicts US v. Schulte, #BrutalKangaroo book UN fails on #SriLanka (Inner City Press got answer from #IMF) and on Colombia, UNanswered scoop on UN Mission sleaze
VERDICT VLOG: Just after Joshua Schulte found guilty of all nine counts in #Wikileaks CIA #Vault7 trial, stand up outside @SDNYLIVE courthouse, after submitted 154 page booklet on the trial, soon on
VLOG: US v. Schulte, CIA #Wikileaks jury Day 4, Garland's SAMs; #SriLanka's #GotaGottaGo finds refuge in Maldives of @UN_PGA @Abdulla_Shahid , Presidency of Hope for War Criminals?
LOG: Day after Jen Shah of #RHOSLC guilty plea, jury Day 3 in US v. Schulte CIA #Vault7 #Wikileaks trial, 1st Am? Nikola into Milton, UNSC capitulates on Syria, like @AntonioGuterres , banning Press
VLOG: Just after Jen Shah of #RHOSLC pled guilty, to guideline of 168 months in prison, stand up outside @SDNYLIVE as defense lawyers try to arrange safe passage to black 4x4. Shah moved operations to Kosovo. Story coming
VLOG: US v. Josh Schulte deliberations Day 2, after got civil case unsealed; Milton filings due, lottery fraud EDNY; Federal Reserve no Qs, BoM; UN fails on #SriLanka
VLOG: US v. Schulte before deliberations, there was Stuxnet on DEVLAN, and in trial thread. UN's and its press corpse's failure on Iran, and censorship. Book coming on
VLOG: US v. Schulte CIA #Wikileaks trial, DOJ stretches Espionage Act; Fruman served 50 days on 1 year sentence, UN of @AntonioGuterres a zero on @PressFreedom
VLOG: CIA #Wikileak Schulte trial resumes, Press filed to unseal in his civil case; Jen Shah RHOSLC July 18, Ben & Jerry's & Masoud; UN bans Press, ignores deaths in Uzbekistan, Kenya scam
VLOG: In US v. Josh Schulte, the strange docket of cooperator Betances, questions by Inner City Press; UN fails on #WesternSahara & UNSC Prez Brazil goes dark on death of journo Dom Phillips
VLOG: CIA #Wikileaks Schulte trial, book(s); BNP Paribas still in Russia but #FederalReserve roadblocks, BoM Minny court; @Brazil_UN_NY to join @AntonioGuterres in censorship?
In OneCoin Case FBI Puts Ruja On 10 Most Wanted List Inner City Press Asks of Schneider By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Podcast Filing BBC - Decrypt - LightRead - Vlog - Source SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 30 -- For money laundering for scam crypto currency OneCoin, lawyer Mark Scott was convicted by a jury after testimony by Konstantin Ignatov and others…
VLOG: CIA Schulte #Wikileaks trial, cooperator on stand; Parnas gets 20 months after victims; Nikola Sept 12, UN @AntonioGuterres censors from Caribbean
VLOG: #GhislaineMaxwell gets 20 years but to whom did she traffic? Parnas, Trevor Milton / #Nikola, Schulte / CIA - & UN and @Norway_UN @Mona_Juul no answers on Jeffrey Epstein loans
VLOG: #GhislaineMaxwell gets 20 years but to whom did she traffic? Parnas, Trevor Milton / #Nikola, Schulte / CIA - & UN and @Norway_UN @Mona_Juul no answers on Jeffrey Epstein loans
VLOG: #GhislaineMaxwell sentencing day, stand-up in Foley Square, look-back on her Terramar at UN of @AntonioGuterres now spinning Ocean in Lisbon. CIA leaks trial of Schulte continues, in sealed courtroom. Inner City Press on the case(s)
VLOG: #GhislaineMaxwell put into special custody before June 28 sentencing, only Giuffre, Annie Farmer & Kate can speak. CIA Schulte trial continues, UN Big Tony to Lisbon then Caribbean, censoring Press
VLOG: US v. Schulte #Wikileaks trial resumes; Egypt spy Girgis to challenge FISA warrants; Venezuela El Gordo; UN Big Tony covers up sex abuse & corruption
VLOG: For #GhislaineMaxwell, US wants 30+ years. Lev Parnas wants time served & Trevor Milton of Nikola wants 30 more days. Jan 6 victim? UN sexual abuse covered up by @AntonioGuterres , @USUN @LindaT_G so far, nothing (Schulte trial resumes June 24)
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