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Listen in as we take a close look at the senseless act of violence that took the life of Ryan Poston, a loving son, brother, and a promising attorney. We will discuss the physical evidence that told the story of how Shayna Hubers murdered her former boyfriend.Under The Yellow Tape
Listen in as I talk with Jerry Lewis while we discuss the tragic death of 6-year old Jonbenet Ramsey and the controversial statements given by her parents. This heartbreaking crime remains unsolved today.Under The Yellow Tape
Sgt. Kraus was a young Marine Sergeant assigned to protect the US Embassy in Tehran. On February 14th, 1979, the embassy was attacked by Fedayeen militants. Sgt. Kraus and his fellow Marines exchanged gunfire with the terrorists until the Ambassador ordered the surrender of the embassy. Sgt. Kraus was held hostage, shot, and brutally tortured in EV…
Listen as we discuss two different police involved shootings, how the media downplayed facts and drove the narrative. We also look into how the NFL's new "Inspire Change" program designed to honor those they describe as victims of police brutality!Under The Yellow Tape
The effects of child sexual abuse can last a lifetime. The story of Clark Fredericks will take you to hell and back. Listen to how he is using his tragic childhood to help other victims and change laws!Under The Yellow Tape
This may sound strange, but to Crime Scene Investigators, “There’s something peaceful...about working with the dead.” No matter how a victim’s life ended, they all have a story to tell…if somebody is willing to listen. Join Howard Ryan, and his fellow crime scene experts from around the world for a first-hand, no nonsense, ring-side seat as they ta…
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