Ep. #380: November 9-15, 1997 with Tyler Gignac


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Kris & David are back with another Patron-requested episode of BTS, as our guest Patron Tyler Gignac (@Tyler_Gignac) wanted us to talk about the week that was November 9-15, 1997. The reason why he picked this week was because it featured the first ever WWF live event he ever went to in his life in Barrie, Ontario, which was also the first ever WWF show in that city, period.

  • We start with the WWF what’s naturally a crazy section because we talk about Survivor Series ’97, though like last week we don't go in-depth on the Bret Hart drama outside of Tyler giving his thoughts on the situation. We also talk about Raw the next night featuring Shawn Michaels going wild, the Raw taping the night after that, and house shows attended by both Tyler (Barrie) and Bix (MSG) that week. Again, there’s a lot to talk about here, so you don't want to miss this.
  • We then go international. where Masahiro Chono gives a worked shoot interview to Tokyo Sports putting over All Japan, we actually have IWA Kokusai results for once and get to talk about VIOLENCE REVENGER, and new joshi promotions are starting up in the form of NEO and Arsion. Then we go to Latin America, talking about early Toryumon guys at Arena Mexico, Fake Razor Ramon feuding with Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico, and a lot more.
  • Then, after a very short U.S. indie section, we close with WCW, talking about Starrcade ticket sales booming, Eric Bischoff announcing Bret Hart’s impending arrival live on Nitro (which was a crazy show in of itself), and Hulk Hogan getting worried about the political ramifications of Bret coming in.

Another 1997 show in the books and this is one you can't miss!!!!


0:00:00 WWF

1:38:39 Eurasia: AJPW, NJPW, BJPW, DDT, FMW, Fuyuki Army, IWA Kokusai, Michinoku Pro, Kingdom, NEO/Arsion announcements, AJW, JWP, LLPW, & CWA

1:59:18 Classic Commercial Break

2:03:32 Halftime

2:35:01 Latin America: AAA, CMLL, IWRG, Promo Azteca, Tijuana, & WWC

2:50:03 Other USA: ECW, MEWF, IWAMS, & Music City

3:00:03 WCW

3:49:54 Patreon Preview: May Bret Hart’s actual pre-Survivor Series column for the Calgary Sun please stand up?

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