5 Syndication Questions From a Podcast Listener


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What are some good numbers to syndicate? Do you need experience? How would you go about it? We are answering questions from one of our podcast listeners about syndications and Billy Keels, a long distance real estate syndicator and investor, who syndicates US properties from Barcelona, Spain answers her questions.

You can read this entire interview here: https://bit.ly/3ynC4vo

When it comes to the number of partners in a limited partnership, how many is too many?
There are two questions that you want to ask yourself. Number one, who is it that you want to serve through the syndication? And number two, what type of systems do you currently have in place, because that's going to have a direct impact on the number of partners that you have. You want to be able to have the right people that you're serving. Sometimes you may want to serve people that are only accredited investors. And that is going to make sure that you're serving someone with a specific type of syndication tool. If you want to be able to serve other people that are more sophisticated investors, then you will want to use a different type of tool, you have specific names. And I know you've talked a lot about 506(c) for accredited investors or a 506(b) for sophisticated and accredited investors.

I am in my mid 20's, and experienced only on the brokerage side of commercial real estate. However, I am taking a commercial real estate financial modeling course to thoroughly understand the numbers, what kinds of qualities, experiences, achievements would make you feel confident enough to invest your money with someone like me, and is direct investment experience an absolute must?
It sounds like you already have lots of experience, even in your mid 20's! I think this is such an individual question. You want to ask yourself what is the right experience for the individual for the person? At the end of the day, each one of us are very different. And we need to make sure that you as a syndicator and your team, you need to be able to understand exactly what each potential investor is looking for. As far as having direct investment experience, I'm more interested in her and her team. I want to understand if the team that she is representing has the experience on that asset class. It's not just about the individual, it's more about the team and their overall experience, to make sure that if I'm investing time, energy, capital, that the team will give me as the investor the highest probability of getting the return on whatever it is that I'm looking for. And that could be an ROI, it could be tax benefits, or whatever the case may be.

When you consider your most successful deals, what was different?
As a syndicator, it was being able to spend the appropriate time with each of the investors getting a very clear understanding of what each of the motivators were for the individuals that were part of the syndication. And being able to help them get a very clear picture of not just what the project was, meaning buying a certain asset. But what were the benefits and the impact, that that particular investment of their time, energy and capital was going to return not only to them, but also to the communities in which they were investing. And the impact that it was going to make on the syndication's team.

And some basic things like making sure that there's a return on their trust and energy, which means that the transfer, the ACH, or the checks were arriving to them on time, so that they advocate to others about the positive experience, and invest again.

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