Everything You Should Put in Your Pro Forma Calculations


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What should you include in your pro-forma when calculating all of the details of a real estate deal? We deep dive into a pro forma for an office development. Renat Yusufov, Managing Partner at Bullpen reviews every item, how should you think about it, and why.

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Why don't we dive into an example of what you guys are doing for this particular side of the business.
I created a template so to speak for an office development of what it would look like in today's day and age, I come from the philosophy that no two deals are ever going to be the same. Naturally, you will have certain changes. But the core of the model should more or less look alike, it's not just a financial model, it's really a weapon for when you go into battle for a project. It should be flexible, it should be something that you can present relatively simply to either your lender or any kind of investors or limited partners, etc. It should be able to adapt to whoever your audience is, the structure of a model, in my opinion, regardless of what asset class, regardless of what the business plan is, I like to always start with the dashboard. The dashboard is where most of the toggles will be, anything that's an input. And the reason for this is as you're going through the project, regardless of where the onset underwriting starts, along the way as you're talking to GC's, as you're talking to other contractors, architects, lenders, investors, business plans will be adjusted, they will be tweaked, they might be entirely revised, so it's easier for any kind of user, whether it's the partner, the principal, all the way down to the analyst, and company, or even if it's a third party looking at this, to be able to see it all in one place, the Summary tab.

Does it typically end up being more expensive and a longer timeframe, or the opposite, when you say that none of them end up being the exact same numbers?
In this environment, it's a mixed bag. I've been on the advisory side where people would send me a model of what they want to get done. And I'd go to the market for both a loan and the equity to figure it out with them. I've been on the private equity side, on the buy side, where somebody sends me a model, or I build it initially, and then I say, This is what we want to get delivered, this is the returns we're looking for. I would say, generally speaking, and this isn't true of everyone, people's underwriting tend to be on the aggressive side. Whether you're on the buy or the sell side, whatever model you receive, you're probably reining it in, in the sense of you think the rents may be too aggressive, or the rent growth is too aggressive, or the expenses need to be buffered up a little bit.

One place where a lot of things might be hidden or misinterpreted, is any kind of capital expenses. People underestimate what it costs to repair or repaint the hallway, or common space in an office building, if they're buying it already built. The best way to go about this, whether you're just in the beginning of building your model, or you're trying to flesh out your business plan and get it to market, I would say is contact as many professional as possible. This is obviously a networking business, talk to the brokers about the rents what they can reasonably achieve, as you're going through your process of selecting a broker, talk to several GC's about your costs, what they can reasonably get you as far as a budget, and where you could land in terms of construction costs.

Renat Yusufov: www.linkedin.com/in/renatyusufov

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