What Could Be The Hottest Asset Classes in a Decade?


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What are some asset classes that I think could potentially be very successful in the next decade with regards to real estate investing?

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I have recently been pondering about all of the missed opportunities that came right in front of my face a decade ago. Things like investing in Google and Facebook, I actually met the founder of Coinbase nine years ago, who told me that he thought that there was a huge opportunity in Bitcoin. Bitcoin was worth $13.30 then, if I had put $10,000 into it, it would have been worth $45 million today. I told my friends to buy Amazon stock when it was $250 a share. I test drove the very first Tesla Roadster 11 years ago, and never thought of investing in Tesla.

As a fully grown responsible adult that has some money to invest today, I was pondering recently, what is right now right before my eyes today, that could be huge tomorrow, just like all of these companies that I just mentioned. These things can be controversial, and you might not like it, and you may think is the stupidest thing ever, or you may simply disagree with it. But it's just what it is. And you can either learn about it, or you can try to fight it.

The first thing that I think could be a great investment is in the cannabis space. Whether you rent an industrial building to a cannabis manufacturer or deliverer or whatever their business may be, today, cannabis is only legally allowed in a handful of states. Trends, whether you like them or not, start on the coasts. Cannabis has been legalized in a few states on the coasts, eventually it will be legalized on a federal level. And those who are ahead of the curve will benefit from it, and that is happening sooner than you think. Cannabis tenants tend to pay significantly more for renting the property because of many factors that are related to it not being federally legal. Once it becomes federally legalized, and you end up having a cap rate of, say, 7% when these industrial buildings with these cannabis tenants that are paying you top dollars, you automatically add value to your property.

In the metaverse you are basically buying a "piece of real estate" in this fake world. I am looking at interviewing people that are experts in this topic, so we can all be enlightened and really learn what it means to invest in the metaverse with regards to real estate. What I learned so far is that there are companies already buying land in this 3D world that they will be able to build whatever they want. It can be a hotel, a golf course, an art gallery, a comedy show place, a sports stadium, a music stadium, and it can also be a game. It can basically be anything that the person that bought it would like to create in that world. They can charge people for admission, or a membership fee for example. And that's one of the ways to monetize it.

The last example in this series is coming back to the physical world, the more realistic world. As we all know by now, the government creates tax incentives in order to incentivize a certain behavior that they want you to act upon. Like we have mentioned before they have tax incentives for real estate investors because the government does not want to build and maintain buildings. That is why real estate investors have these tax incentives. Today's incentives are in the environmental space. They are in wind farming, carbon capturing, clean energy, and a few other things that you might want to learn about.

What do you think could be the next huge opportunity in real estate investing? Let me know below:

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