The Illuminati - Brouhaha in Bavaria - Big 'Uns 1


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EPISODE 18| The Illuminati - Bavarian Brouhaha - Big 'Uns 1

The first major conspiracy theory of the modern age is the tale of the Illuminati. Started in Bavaria by a power-hungry professor with poor social skills, it has become one of the overarching theories of our times. This is one of the Big 'Uns.


  1. 01:37 - Origin Story - Johann Adam Weishaupt: Lawyer, Professor, Empiricist, Jerk
  2. 04:21 - The Illuminati Kicks Off, Grows Quickly
  3. 06:45 - Trouble in Paradise - Dissention in the Ranks, Rumours Abound
  4. 12:32 - Voulez-vous la paranoïa avec moi? - Augustin Barruel & John Robison Blame the Illuminati for the French Revolution
  5. 15:33 - It Ain't Over Till It's Over - Rulers Overreact & Cause the Spring of Nations, Nesta Helen Webster & Edith Starr Miller Revive the Rumours Between World Wars, the Birchers Chime In, the Principia Discordia Is Totally Misunderstood and People Confuse Them with the Freemasons
  6. 18:12 - Some Musicians think Behold a Pale Horse is a Non-Fiction Book, Many Famous People May Are Illuminati, Carpetbaggers & Scammers Take Over the Name
  7. 22:03 - The Idea of the Illuminati is Certainly Widespread, Maybe Part of the New World Order

Music by Fanette Ronjat

AN EXTRA TREAT for people who actually read these episode notes: open your browser and type in "www." then the word "illuminati" backwards, then ".com". You will be very surprised. Someone at that organization sure has a sense of humour! Thanks to our friend Debra Richardson for telling us about this!

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