How NOT To Get SICK | Dom D'Agostino on Health Theory


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Check out our sponsors: Butcher Box: Go to Get 2 five-ounce lobster tails and 2 ten-ounce ribeye steaks all FREE in your first box. LMNT: Go to to try their brand NEW flavor - Watermelon Salt. Magic Mind: Go to and use promo code IMPACT to get 20% OFF. SmugMug: InsideTracker: Get 25% off their entire store at When it comes to being healthy and improving your health, the overwhelm of information and advice can literally melt your brain. Whether you follow a keto diet, paleo, vegan, or carnivore, the goal for everyone is pretty similar. Get healthy and optimize productivity and energy. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is back for round two and breaking down everything you need to know about why your biomarkers matter. Dr. D’Agostino reveals the truth behind whether or not carnivore or plant based diets are best for you, how to optimize your biomarkers with fasting, and what you need to know about what role exogenous ketones can play in your optimal health regimen. You’ll want to pay close attention to understand why Covid can potentially become an ongoing problem for young healthy adults and how inflammation is impacting everything. Don’t miss Dr. D’Agostino’s first episode on Health Theory: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction Dominic D’Agostino 2:10 | Metabolic Health and Covid 5:13 | Metabolic Biomarkers to Track 7:01 | Inflammation Biomarkers 12:01 | Why Fasting Boosts Immune System 14:14 | Benefits of Exogenous Ketones 18:48 | Ketone Biomarker For Burning Fat 23:20 | Hacking Biomarkers With Ketones 32:37 | Healthy vs. Unhealthy Immune Response 38:44 | Healthy People Post Covid Problems 41:28 | Optimize Metabolic Health Now 47:32 | Simplifying Diet, Carbs, Ketones 51:49 | 72 Hour Fasting Benefits QUOTES: “Having optimal metabolic health in terms of low insulin, low glycemic variability, low glucose overall, and optimizing your cardio metabolic biomarkers is the way to combat this disease.” [3:15] “In the context of many pathogens, whether it be viral, whether it be bacterial, or if you are dealing with an inflammatory issue, fasting, and a ketogenic diet, which mimics many aspects of fasting can be very beneficial.” [10:42] “We are omnivores, right. So we are basically hardwired and evolved to eat to be extremely adaptable in what we are eating.” [42:52] “If you're on a very limited amount of calories, and you want to get as much nutrition as possible, with the least amount of calories, a carnivore diet is the perfect approach.” [45:18] “What may even be more important than having a diversity of fiber is actually having fermented foods. [They] contribute to the population, can reverse gut dysbiosis and increase the diversity of the gut microbiome” [47:06] “You can thrive off a carbohydrate based diet but your glycemic variability will correlate to food cravings. So, if you want to go throughout your day and have optimal productivity and feel optimal energy, I found [...] that a low carb approach is the way to go. ” [48:27] “There are benefits to being in a hyper ketone anemic state, so the ketones then act as an alternative energy source, anti-inflammatory molecule and a hormone which has many beneficial effects.” [49:47] Follow Dominic D’Agostino: Website: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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