Toned Muscle is a Lie: You Need to Build Muscle w/ Tara Garrison


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Toned trainer says light weights, high reps don’t give you the results you may be hoping for. Mother of three shares tips about transforming your body at any age.

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0:00 Intro 2:40 Weightlifting was empowering. But Tara’s body really changed when she dialed in her nutrition. 7:05 Your body does not thrive in an environment of self-hatred. 13:40 Mental health inner work and physical health/fitness outer work grow in parallel. 15:07 Be curious about what your body is capable of. 19:50 Tara lost 40 lbs from weightlifting and eating whole foods. 22:20 Women, work as hard as you can toward muscle growth, and you will lean out and have a toned look. 26:10 If you are pursuing muscle growth, you can have a little protein or carbs sometime in the hour after your workout. 26:50 In an intense workout, you are in fight/flight mode. 28:10 Skeletal muscle and hormones adapt to your biologic rhythm. Be consistent with workout timing. 30:50 Tara does not take days off from going to the gym at her scheduled time. 32:40 Tara rotates workout focus through strength (1-4 heavy reps), hypertrophy (8-12 rep) and muscular endurance (12-15 reps). 35:20 The reason most people do not get results in a short period is because they do not go intense enough.. 40:10 Compound movements get the most activation and are good if you are traveling. 41:40 Heavy compound movements creates a hormonal adaptation response afterward. 42:30 True high intensity cannot be maintained for 30 seconds. 49:33 Muscles are carb-sponges. 53:00 Going to bed early has been life-changing for Tara. 58:40 Ask your body what it needs, listen and act.

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