Stop SABOTAGING Yourself and Get UNSTUCK By Doing These 5 Tricks | Tom Bilyeu


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On Today's Episode:
How many times have you planned out the perfect day? You start thinking about all the things you can accomplish in the next week, you get super pumped and when the time comes, nothing happens. After possible hours of being side tracked, unmotivated and distracted with the less important and more mundane tasks of life, you say, “tomorrow.” This slippery slope of a habit loop among other tell tale signs can be summarized as the Self Sabotaging Death Loop. We’ve all been there and perhaps you are there now. So, how do you get unstuck, and how do you stop sabotaging your best efforts at moving towards a higher purpose and a better version of yourself? You are not alone, and in less than half an hour you’ll have at least one thing you can start doing immediately to get unstuck and not sabotage the rest of your day.
“Delaying gratification is an absolute superpower.” Tom Bilyeu
Problems being addressed:
• Being so passionate, and yet so afraid
• Not taking action on the thing you should be doing to reach your goals
• Trouble ignoring negative thoughts to push through the resistance
• Living in the cycle of thinking I feel stuck
The Juice of Success = Helping Others + Having Established Rules + Your Excitable Goal
0:00 | Introduction
0:33 | Self Sabotage Death Loop
6:19 | Procrastination Cure
11:20 | Confidence From Failure
16:54 | Success is Delayed Gratification
20:11 | Tom’s Secret Weapon
“By putting it off till tomorrow, I really was sabotaging myself. Because if you want to get good, you must face all of those problems, all of those fears, you have to be willing to fail.” [3:23]
“How you stop self sabotaging is accept that it's okay to not be good enough yet, and that you're going to put in the time and the energy to get good” [4:45]
“You don't need to try to match my rules. You just need to know your value system and put it in order to build rules that allow you to actually accomplish that and then hold yourself accountable.” [10:49]
“The very nature of success is that you must fail and not fail once or twice, but you must fail over and over and over and over and over. Because it is only in that iterative process that you are able to improve...” [12:07]
“Get really good at facing that embarrassment and you can really propel yourself forward.” [15:43]
“If you're just operating around optimizing for momentary mind states, brain states, neurochemical states, then you're always going to be in short term thinking, you're always going to get short term results.” [18:22]
“What matters in life is how you feel about yourself when you're by yourself.” [22:15]
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