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On Today's Episode:
Pursuing a big audacious goal without absolute clarity, intensity, and obsession about it is the reason most people will never achieve their true potential. There are so many ways that we unconsciously sabotage our best efforts and our biggest dreams
In this special episode, Tom has members of his team join him to get clarity around the habits and goals they will need to make their big audacious goals a reality.
Common things holding you back from success
Stop lying to yourself, own your sh*t, and get real. Fast
How to execute at the higher levels you aim for
What the process of desire and achieving long term goals looks like
TIps for getting into problem solving mode.
The good news is that making progress and achieving your goals is within your power right now. The not so great news is that it requires you to get obsessed with your goal and raise your level of intensity in tackling these things, without excuses, without judgment, without any way out.
Mentioned in this episode:
Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne
“The problem is, if you think you’re amazing and in failure it hurts who you are and your sense of self, you don’t want to see the truth and you will hide the truth from yourself…” [1:03]
“My will to power is improvement itself.” [3:37]
“You want it to push you, you want to be dissatisfied, but you want to recognize when it begins to diminish who you are.” [7:55]
“You are what you repeat.” [9:11]
“I really want my goals! Because of that, i don’t have to convince myself of a lot [20:45]
“I’m goal obsessed, and to get goal obsessed I build desire” [23:33]
“Remember that while you’re 50% hard wired, you’re 50% malleable.” [40:08]
“Have a habit system that makes the feeling you need to feel to keep going visceral. You feel it in your gut.” [43:27]
“You have to be able to generate that level of intensity to get to the otherside.” [47:06]
“You have to come into it with the mentality of a warrior, recognizing you are the problem, recognizing that you’re up against entropy, recognizing that you’re having a biological experience, [...] getting your potential turned into usable skillset.” [53:12]
“Go through the process of learning something totally new.” [1:01:15]
“Everything in my life is curated, [...] Choose your friends and significant other wisely.” [1:08:19]
“People treat you the way you encourage them to treat you.” [1:11:07]
“There’s a lot of beautiful people in the world that just aren’t the right vibe for your algorithm.” [1:12:16]
“I thoroughly enjoy my ambition now that I have a better relationship with it.” [1:38:58]
“People fail because they don’t have intensity.” [1:39:34]
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