3 Types of Customers, You're Missing 2


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There are 3 types of customers and you might be missing 90% of them!

This has been one of the most beneficial changes in our business. We've found that there are 3 types of customer profiles that will come in contact with your business.

Unfortunately, we were only focusing on 1 of them at the beginning stages of our business. You are probably only focused on 1 also which is a huge mistake because this only makes up 10% of your potential customers.

Watch this video to learn about the 3 types of customers that will come in contact with your business, learn from it, take action today and don't forget to subscribe!

Please watch the video here https://www.automationlinks.com/3-types-of-customers-you-re-missing-90-of-them

The 3 types of customer profiles are:

1. Visitors - 60%

2. Followers - 30%

3. Customers - 10%

The majority of businesses put all their focus on the "customer" who only makes up 10% or less of their potential clients. The "customer" is the person ready to buy and is the one clicking on ads to purchase your product. These people are doing Google searches finding your business and are ready to get started.

This is the majority of customers you receive right now, this is the easiest person for you and most likely the majority of people that join. Business owners put a lot of focus on ads, SEO and social media posts to attract these people. Great job, but don't forget about the next 2!

The Visitors

The "visitors" are the type of people that either don't have the funds or just don't need your product right now. They may have clicked on an ad, found you on a random Google search or may want your product but they're not ready to buy.

This is the person that can change your business forever! If you learn how to build some sort of relationship with a "visitor" who makes up 60% of your potential leads, and turn them into a follower you're more then likely going to turn this person into a customer someday.

Someday means you have to be patient, you need to continue the relationship and provide value. If you're patient and continue the relationship with this person they may become a customer in a month, 3 months or even years from now.

The Follower

This person has shown interest in your service, signed up for your newsletter, coupon or followed you on social media. These are the easiest to convert into a customer and they make up over 30% of your potential clients.

The follower needs to see social proof, needs to see case studies and needs to see that you're the perfect business for them. It won't take much to convert this person but you need to take action to create the relationship a little further.

Reach out to a follower on social media messaging, send them a personalized email and even give them a thumbs up on their social media posts. Once they see you care and you're the perfect business for them, they'll take action.

The Benefit

If you're currently only getting 10% of your potential leads to signup with you, imagine what your business would look like if you were able to convert the visitors and followers!

The results could mean in 3 months from now you'll be getting your normal "customers" signing up with you as well as a percentage of your "followers" joining and even a small percentage of visitors who you would have never signed up before.

This could result in a 15% increase in paying "customers" to your business in a short amount of time. I want you to reach out to us if you have any questions

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