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Skeptic Generation is excited to have a friend and co-host from another life, Kevin S join us today! We have some difficult things to discuss after the Roe v Wade decision news, but we also want to make sure we’re staying on course on our own mission: taking bad ideas to task.
Do you think your beliefs should be *our* beliefs? Do you believe in a globalist agenda, aliens, or other grand conspiracy? Call In! 585-526-8774 or tiny.cc/callSG.
00:00 - Intro - Discussing This Horrible Week
06:44 - My Friend Believes in Demons - Chris (he/him) - UK
25:47 - Christians Need to Step Up! - Vishanti (she/her) - CA
37:47 - Is There Religious Persecution in the US? - Connor (he/him) - TX
47:40 - Give Less Credit To God! - Wolfos (he/him) - TX
52:25 - Bigots Deserve Your Platform! - Kay (he/him) - N/A
1:15:32 - What Are The Moral Obligations of Skeptics? - Preston (he/him) - TX
This caller used to believe some very “out there” evangelistic beliefs, and back in the day he converted his friend. Now the caller has deconverted, but his friend is still deep in it… and has gone even further. This friend now believes that they are demon possessed and cannot leave the house. How do you reckon with the guilt, and what can Chris do to help?
Repeat caller Vishanti is fed up with progressive Christians washing their hands of the radical Christofascist Right. What can they do to deal emotionally and practically with these bad actors, and what do we risk if they don’t? Speaking of bad actors, we dump on Mr. Delicieux for a while which is oddly cathartic.
If you want to share the cringe, check out the other week’s clip: https://youtu.be/gbdJHNknzyc
This religious caller is not a Christian, and feels threatened by the Christian nationalist agenda in the United States. Deeply scared, in fact. Special guest Kevin has some crucial takes on why things are so dark right now, and he isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.
People have to be more willing to give themselves more credit, and give God less credit. You’ve done the thing yourself! Just a cheerful reminder from a repeat caller!
We discussed “debate bros” the other week. Now this caller wants to defend Destiny for being a champion for having the hard conversations. According to this caller, there is no such thing as “platforming a bad idea” and you should give everyone who wants to debate the rights of others a microphone. In general, he has lots of opinions on how we should run our show. Maybe he should start his own?
Watch our last conversation about debate bros: https://youtu.be/3NIk_KrTS8g
Check out a video that explains this issue better than we could with @F.D Signifier here: https://youtu.be/4y0nR0E8pk4
Do skeptics have any kind of moral duties or obligations? Does skepticism have any kind of “ought” statements? Eric gets really excited about this and dives right in. Ultimately, skepticism is not what you use to make moral judgments, but it *is* how you get the raw materials to make good moral judgments.
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