Virginia Linzee and Andrea Lippke on Abortion, Adoption and Down Syndrome pt 2


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Virginia Linzee and Andrea Lippke join the Tent for the second part of a deep discussion around abortion, adoption and raising Down Syndrome children.

More about Andrea Lippke and her work can be found HERE.

More about Virginia Linzee and her work can be found HERE and HERE

Virgina has supplied the following notes of her research. Scroll to the end for a lovely tribute to her son.

Additional statistics of note that are important background are (these are all USA):

US Top Indications for Abortion:

74% Education, Work, or Parenting Responsibilities

73% Financial Concerns

48% Relationship Concerns

13% Fetal Health

12% Personal Health

90% of Abortions are in the First Trimester

According to The TurnAway Study the Number one Reason women were seeking abortions was due to Financial Concerns about taking care of a child, but mostly taking care of ANOTHER child, because most women were already mothers. Some key findings are found on this page:

In Europe, depending on the country the rate of Terminating Prenatally Diagnosed Unborn Babies with Down Syndrome is between 90-99%. In the USA the statistics float between 65-75%.

Documentary: "A World Without Down Syndrome"

A study done in the 2000s on people 12 and up with Down Syndrome:

Conclusions from this Study:

"This study asks people with Down syndrome, ages 12 and older, about their self-perception so that their information could be shared with new and expectant parents of children with Down syndrome. We analyzed valid and reliable survey instruments from 284 people with Down syndrome on the mailing lists of six non-profit Down syndrome organizations around the country. Among those surveyed, nearly 99% of people with Down syndrome indicated that they were happy with their lives; 97% liked who they are; and 96% liked how they look. Nearly 99% people with Down syndrome expressed love for their families, and 97% liked their brothers and sisters. While 86% of people with Down syndrome felt they could make friends easily, those with difficulties mostly had isolating living situations. A small percentage expressed sadness about their life. In our qualitative analysis, people with Down syndrome encouraged parents to love their babies with Down syndrome, mentioning that their own lives were good. They further encouraged healthcare professionals to value them, emphasizing that they share similar hopes and dreams as people without Down syndrome. Overall, the overwhelming majority of people with Down syndrome surveyed indicate they live happy and fulfilling lives."

Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder

Down Syndrome Statistics According to The CDC:

This article breaks down the injustice when it comes to research funding for Down Syndrome:

From another article:"In 2001, NIH spent $29 million for Down syndrome research, a figure that plummeted to as low as $14 million even as NIH’s budget grew. Had funding tracked with that of NIH, spending on the syndrome from 2001 to 2017 would have more than doubled the $356 million allocated. Yet Down syndrome funding is likely to see a 22 percent decrease in 2018, from $27 million to $21 million, when the reality on the ground suggests it should be much greater." ( )

Study on Prevalence of Physical and Sexual Abuse related to Women Seeking Abortion:

Abortions in the US have been in decline since the 1990's. Here are a few graphs showing abortion statistics:

Potential Reasons/Data According to Why Abortion in the USA may have hit an all time low:
Lower Pregnancies Generally, Increased Access to Free Contraception, More Use/Access To Long Term Contraception (IUD's), People having less Sex Generally, More At-Home Pill Abortions (self given, non-reported)

Regarding her son, Virginia wrote this after the interview: “There’s so many blessings when it comes to my son, but one of the greatest opportunities is that Phineas is teaching both me and my husband how to live without being slaves to our egos. Phineas doesn’t have an ego, you see, everything about him is real and he confronts the things in us that aren’t, just by existing. In fact most people I’ve met with Down Syndrome don’t function out of ego. Can you imagine a world without egos?! What a transformation that would be! My husband’s ego was literally robbing him of his own life and those around him.. and of course I have my own ego issues as well. By saying yes to Phineas (and I think any form of otherness), we are receiving endless grace and truthfully salvation. Phineas’s very existence is saving us from ourselves… and it’s a gentle salvation that comes with the best snuggles in the world. Our little boy that we were told wouldn’t amount to much intellectually (and that was a parceled up as the main reason to abort him) has become our greatest teacher. Hallelujah.”

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