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Chemo brain, brain farts, brain fog, cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI)… no matter what you call it, it is a debilitating side effect that may persist for months or years after treatment ends. CRCI is more than just forgetting why you walked into a room or where you left your keys. You may find yourself struggling to remember a simple word or having a hard time concentrating on a single subject and don’t even mention multitasking!

In this last episode of the year, Dr. Tina Kaczor and Dr. Leah Sherman review the possible causes of CRCI and discuss ways that you can improve brain function. Neural plasticity, which is the ability to create new neural networks at ANY AGE, means that you have the potential for bettering brain function no matter what age you are. As always, you’ll learn a little, laugh a little, and by the end you will have ideas of how to optimize your own health. Thanks for listening!
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