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Here are the questions submitted from my Sensitive Empowerment community.

What are some effective ways I can practice to try to quiet or tune out the words that others have said to me so that I can focus on taking care of myself?

I often find that I am responding to what's going on outside of me, and in particular, what others are thinking about me, instead of responding to what is going on inside of me. In doing so, I lose touch with myself and don't get my needs met a lot of the time.

Although EHS (electromagnetic sensitivity) has very physical symptoms, I'm wondering about the emotional connection, have you noticed these types of physical-emotional connections, and do people benefit if they are able to work through these things as well as the physical symptoms?

I know many HSPs suffer from chronic illnesses, and I'm wondering if there are any particular kinds of illnesses we tend to suffer from more than others?

I’m trying to figure out “healthy helping” and could use some insight on this. Most recommendations of putting your oxygen mask on first etc make sense but I think my deeply caring side struggles so much with thinking others are suffering.

I think us HSPs are natural helpers and so others often come to us for support. But how to balance being there for others with our own needs for rest, self-care, etc. and not to get overwhelmed?

I suffer a great deal with injustice to humanity. It paralyzes me. It could be at any level and it affects me. There are times I can't listen or read the news because it hurts so much. I know what happens out there is greater than myself and there is so much one can do, but if it wouldn't bother me so much maybe I could do things about it. That's one of my goals now that I joined this group, to focus and be creative about it. But, I would like to know if you have some suggestions to manage those strong feelings about injustice.

I love to learn, I am always learning something and it is a great joy for me, but I could be in the middle of learning something (and writing at the same time) and I get so happy about what I am learning that I have to stop and process it for a while before returning to what I was learning/writing/developing ideas, etc, but in that process, I interrupt ideas and let them go, which disappoints me, need suggestions.

I would like some advice on how to believe more in myself. Especially when it comes to my creative work. There always seems to be part of me that panics when I think about showing my art, my stories, etc. Where I see other writers and think "they are so much better than me", how to collect braveness in my personal creativity. For writing and painting. There I wobble so much more and find myself burying myself in anxiety, "not good enough", etc. Any suggestions?

I would be really curious to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have about how to slow down to get the rest you need when life does not slow down with you.

I’m wondering about how to set boundaries with friends. I really need social time but I get exhausted. I love sharing and talking with friends about our experiences and inner lives but some of my friends tell very detailed stories and I just can’t listen for that long. I know I need to say something but I’m not sure what to say or how it might look.

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