Our Challenges Shape Our Purpose with Julie & Willow


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Current times are challenging. Several months into a pandemic with no known end in sight, dividing families, economic crisis, racial unrest, political divide, climate crisis, etc. Families are struggling. It’s easy for fear to take over in all this uncertainty and when you combine the intensity of emotion we experience as HSPs it can be overwhelming. In survival mode, we just try to get through the day but there is something different about those listening right now. You are taking a step toward empowerment by choosing to listen to this podcast. Those of you attending live have taken several steps to join our Sensitive Empowerment Community and that’s taking intentional action toward change and that is exciting! You are open to a shift away from inaction to action and a shift in mindset. Consider this...

When you lift heavy weights it tears down muscle tissue. But when you feed your body the right nutrition afterward, the muscles repair themselves and become even stronger than before. If we think of challenges in the same way we might be torn down from them but with the right care and balance, we can be even stronger. Just as a muscle is stronger after the repair, so are we!

You might have noticed that in our own stories and in the HSP guests we’ve had that most of the HSPs rising up into their potential, helping others in some way, started out of a challenge. How can we become stronger in this current challenge?

  • Learn about trait
  • Understand that self-care for HSPs is different than the majority
  • Learn how to honor and advocate for your needs
  • Spend time with other HSPs, like in our Sensitive Empowerment Community to normalize and validate your experience
  • Learn tools created for HSPs to balance your sensitive nervous system
  • Grow self-compassion and self-love
  • Take intentional action to move toward change
  • Find meaning and do what fulfills you
  • Know your value
  • Live consciously instead of unconsciously

Know that your purpose can be found within this challenge. What calls out to you? Are you listening? Let’s discuss it!

Come join us in the Sensitive Empowerment community!

Members receive:

  • Ask me questions directly about the trait of high sensitivity and how to thrive
  • Ask me and Willow questions about your website and growing your online business!
  • Access to join weekly HSP live events free
  • Get your questions answered and join an amazing group of HSPs dedicated to growth and empowerment
  • Normalize and validate your experience by being with us who also experience life in the same ways

Learn more about how to join the online Sensitive Empowerment community, explore resources for HSPs and take the free Sensitivy Quiz at www.juliebjelland.com

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