#080 - Rory Kilmartin: Biohacking Relationships, The Four Personality Archetypes, Resolving Conflict, Understanding Communication, Psychological Safety, Embracing Responsibility, And More!


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9:10 - Rory's Story

12:30 - Online Workshop

13:20 - Balance Of Power

15:00 - Models Of Relationships

16:05 - The Sovereign Energy

16:35 - Magician Energy

17:25 - Warrior Energy

17:35 - Lover Energy

19:15 - What Causes Breakdowns (Disruptions In Relationships)

20:05 - What Happens When Archetypes Become Out Of Balance

22:40 - How Different Archetypes Attract Each Other And Interact

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30:50 - Understanding Other People Better

32:45 - The Role Of Being Baffled/Confusion

34:55 - Understanding Past Relationships

36:05 - The Role Of Childhood In Archetypal Leanings

39:05 - Different Types In Persona: Home Vs Work

39:55 - The Role Of Psychological Safety

42:00 - The Dynamic Tension: How Relationships Are Affected By The Stressors Of Life

43:50 - Going Off Center Or Out Of Balance

45:00 - Finding The Language That Changes Things

46:50 - The Disowned Archetype

52:15 - What We Become Under Pressure And Victimhood To Protect Ourselves

54:30 - The Practicality

57:40 - The Role Of Different Types In The Village

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1:01:30 - The Repeating Issues In Your Life

1:01:50 - Identifying Archetypes In Others

1:02:30 - Where Does The Responsibility Lie In Conflict?

1:04:45 - Impossible Situations (Personality Situations)

1:05:40 - Personal Responsibility, And The Creed Of The Sheep In Particular

1:06:30 - The Role Of The Left And Right Brain, Thoughts, The Soul, And Wonder

1:10:45 - The Fox Gatekeepers Of Freedom

1:12:45 - Attracting Our Disowned Behavior

1:14:15 - Romantic Relationships And Types

1:15:20 - Power Dynamics And Personal Responsibility In Relationships

1:20:00 - The Role Of Emotions

1:23:30 - Releasing The Past

1:23:50 - Attracting People Of Equal Imbalance

1:27:35 - The Core Wound Of The Archetypes

1:30:25 - Sample Sentence Exercises

1:34:05 - Reducing Thoughts

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