#084 - Dave Asprey: Fasting For Women, Bulletproof Coffee, Optimized Biohacking, MCT’s, The Fasted Microbiome, PUFA Depletion, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, And More!


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7:50 - Dave's Background

10:35 - Dave's Introduction To Fasting

12:40 - What Is Fasting?

15:20 - The Role Of Hunger In Fasting

17:20 - Hacking The Fast

19:20 - Adding Black Coffee

19:35 - Adding Butter To Coffee

20:15 - Butter And MCT Oil Creating Exclusion Zones In Water

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23:10 - Deuterium Depleted Water

26:55 - Does MCT Or Butter Break The Fast?

30:45 - Using "Training Wheels" During Fasting

31:30 - Letting Go Of Rigid Dogma

33:40 - Protein Fasting

35:30 - Fasted Gut Bacteria

38:10 - Gut Bacteria In Overweight People

40:00 - Negative Symptoms While Fasting

42:40 - Fasting For Women

46:20 - Fasting And Kisspeptin For Hormone Regulation

48:05 - C8 Vs C10 MCT Oil

51:25 - Calories In Calories Out Doesn't Work

54:30 - Diet Experiments & Alcohol

55:50 - Grass-Fed Vs Conventionally Raised Meat

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The Melanie Avalon Podcast Episode #43 - Teri Cochrane

1:01:45 - Omega-6 And PUFAs

1:04:30 - Smart Nicotine Supplementation

1:06:25 - NMN, NR, Butyrate Supplementation

1:09:00 - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

1:11:00 - Dave's Biohacking Routine

1:15:05 - Hyperbaric Therapy

1:20:20 - Cold Therapy

1:21:50 - The Future Of Biohacking

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