The Art Of Turning Journal Entries Into Inspired Content


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Journaling is a beautiful way to dive into your inner world. There's so much joy to be had from writing your way to an answer, elevating your self-awareness, or finding the words that express how you feel perfectly.
But do you ever wish that your journaling led to more tangible benefits in the outside world? Would you like your inner musings to lead to more than a glimpse into the recesses of your mind, heart, and soul?
If so, this episode is for you :)
"On the flip side of the inner journey is the external expression piece. It's using your voice, essence, and presence to declare who you are to the world."
Tune in now and hear us explore:

  • Why the inner work is just one part of the journaling puzzle.
  • Balancing the inner work with infusing who we be in the outside world.
  • The art of turning journal entries into inspired content.
  • Building your brand with journalled content.
  • The power of processing your raw emotions in your journal first.

"In relationships, your journal allows you to know yourself before you show yourself."

  • Cultivating empowered conversations with the help of your journalling.
  • Leveraging the magic of deep conversations to be closer to others.
  • The creativity to turn nothing into something.
  • Journaling as a step in the manifestation process.
  • Exploring the dance between the inner journey and the outer expression.

"On the one hand, your journal is a safe, protected space where you can meet yourself in a raw and vulnerable way. On the other hand, when you sift through your writing, you often find some powerful content pieces."
This week's journaling prompt.
What from your journal needs to be expressed publicly?
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We are @bestselfco and I'm @GeorginaElmorshdy.

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