Three Easy Ways To Unlock Inspired Creativity


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Imagine... everything made by humans on this planet began as a seed of thought in someone's imagination. That's the true power of creativity.
Thanks to creativity we can innovate, express ourselves, solve problems, and discover the truth of who we are at deeper and deeper levels. No wonder creativity is a wild skill that can empower us to live our very best lives.
But how can we cultivate creativity and increase the likelihood of a eureka moment?
This podcast has your back with THREE easy ways you can unlock inspired creativity. Check it out now.
"Inspired people have inspired thoughts. If you are someone who can switch on the button of inspiration anytime you choose, imagine how this could empower you and your life."
In this episode, we explore:

  • What is creativity and why do we need it in our lives - at this time.
  • What happens when you expect creativity.
  • Creativity isn't convenient - and why you need a journal!
  • Why you don't have to tangle creativity with scarcity.
  • How to get inspired so you can unleash creativity.
  • The importance of listening to your inner world.
  • How journaling elevates your creativity.
  • The lens of YOU - tapping into the unique source of inspiration within.
  • And more...

"The way we create is a form of expression. A way of declaring who we are. A way of taking everything we've experienced, making connections, and then expressing that into the outside world in a way that others can interact and engage with."
This week's journal prompt is:
How does my creativity speak to me?
Also, check out the BestSelf Co. range of journaling tools:
1. Creating Your Live List [$5 investment].
2. Transform Fear to Focus [$5 investment].
3. 52 List Journaling Prompts [a free tool].
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