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But Why? And Other Questions... is a Podcast that asks the important questions in life... There is a point in everyone’s life when you realise everyone doesn’t think in the same way you do... The truths you deemed universal constants; nope. You find out that even the people you viewed as friends, rational beings, are harbouring views so ridiculous and wrong that you question the wisdom of your relationship. I was in University when it happened to me. I can’t remember how we got around to the subject but we were talking about pooping. Now, people pee in different ways, that’s a given, we’ve all got different equipment, whatever. But poop, that goes in one way and comes out another. We all know how it goes, you sit on the poop chair and let it go. However, apparently at that point the river splits down into at least two paths: the right path, and the uphill path. There are people out there, who look like you and me, who stand to wipe. Why do this? Why close the cheeks that were just open for access. Why make it harder on yourself? Now you presumably have to bend to free up the area? I hope so, the alternative is using a hand to part the cheeks? Like a baby. Like a poopy baby. Why do rational people make such strange choices? It’s irrational, illogical and scary. Once these debates open up, there’s no stopping them. So before they destroy all of our friendship we’re going to try to come to a reasonable compromise, a conclusion. I need to understand the standing poopers. What went wrong in your childhood? Please tell me. So, what defines a sandwich? What animal would you rather face in a fight? Why does your leg do that thing where you think your phone is vibrating when it isn't? We’re hoping, one day, maybe, we can provide an answer to at least some of these questions.

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