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📺 Этот выпуск в YouTube

В этом необычном выпуске Рита много разговаривает с детьми, которые говорят на английским лучше, чем мы, хотя и не учились этому специально.

Шутки в этом выпуске: 😆

—Maybe you know some jokes in English?
—Of course I do!
–Oh, so can you tell me, please?
—Who's there?
—A door!
—A door who?
—Adore you!
—Did you hear about the joke about the roof?
—Well, nevermind! It's still over your head.
—There is also one.
—The teacher said: "Whoever answers my next question can go home early."
—I threw my backpack out the window. The teacher asked everybody: "Who just threw that backpack out the window?"
—I say: "It was me! Bye-bye! I'm going home!"

Dog Man story 🐶

–Do you like to read?
–I love reading!
—And...do you like reading in Russian or in English?
—And what is your favorite book?
—I don't know.
—And I think that you read a lot at school. Yes?
—I read any books that get onto my eyes.
—What are you reading now?
—Now I'm reading Dog Man. It's a chapter book. It's really funny. It's like comic book. Where...It was a...where it's a group of policemen...and they...are...So it's like a group of policemen and one policeman was like a boy and other one was a dog. And there is way more. But the man and the dog were really good police guys. And one day they had a crash. And the dog's body was dying and the person's head was dying. So they decided to put the dog's head on the person's body and that how Dog Man...
—Oh my God!
—I know! And then it started being Dog Man and Dog Man like Captain Rescue one...
—Isn't it scary?
—No! It's really funny! And it's also about a cat who keeps on escaping cat jail and getting back in cat jail. And doing like that stuff. It's really funny.
—Ok. I'd like to read this book!
—It's really funny.

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