Episode 2.10 Hunted


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Aah, Hunted. The truth of John’s final order to Dean finally comes out, and this episode goes to prove exactly why it took him so long to tell Sam. Their behaviors and actions in this episode, now that I’m really thinking about it, kind of set the groundwork for my tag sam sympathizes and Dean empathizes, even if the first post in that tag is my rant about 9.14... (i just reread that post and it goes a long way to explaining my thoughts about these two morons and their disgustingly unhealthy codependency, so it’s worth a read if for nothing else than to understand the pov from which i talk about them and the show).

Gordon Walker returns to again be humiliatingly bested by Sam and Dean, and we learn Jo has chosen to go out hunting on her own. So it’s not all just miscommunication and tantrums. :’D

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Casting sides for Ava Wilson

And while we’re here, the ONE significant bit in this script that didn’t make it into the episode (the show and this podcast both lol...) is a little bit that would seem to provide motivation for Ava to ditch out on her fiancée and dive headfirst into the demon army hunger games, thus giving her disappearance at the end of this episode a more powerful ambiguous possible meaning. As aired, the episode leaves us with the assumption that Ava was content to return to her old life, eager to get back to her little bubble of personal happiness, but this one tiny bit of the casting sides script sheds just the tiniest bit of doubt that that was actually the case. This is right after they steal Scott’s psych files. The scene as aired cuts right after Ava says, “I’m awesome!” Which is where this bit of the script picks up:

[Sam looks up at Ava. She’s giddy, grinning from ear to ear.
SAM: You’re serious?
AVA: Oh my god, I felt like I was in “The Sting.” That was the most fun I’ve had in my LIFE!
Sam raises an eyebrow.
SAM: Huh.
AVA: What?
SAM: Nothing. It’s just... you’re getting married in two months, and THIS is the most fun you’ve ever had?
Ava’s smile fades. Oh shit, he’s right.]

Kinda makes her look like she’s about to seriously reevaluate her entire life, giving credence to the read that maybe she was in a bit of a spiral, making her even more vulnerable to taking Azazel up on the whole Demon Powers thing we discover about her at the end of the season. But it was cut...

Alrighty then! A final apology for just how long this episode ran (my goal is always to keep them under 100 minutes, and I squeaked this one in under the wire, even after cutting about 40 minutes from it >.>)

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