BEE #106: Is Shame Keeping You From Your Weight Loss Goal?


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We have all had it happen to us….

You go into a lunch, dinner out with friends, or a TGIF with colleagues with the best of intentions…you have been following your plan and feeling really good about your progress, and the scale is showing that this is working.

But at some point during your event, your mind wanders and suddenly you realized that you have had way more drinks than you intended and have eaten so far past satisfied that you don’t think you could recognize it if it came up and introduced itself to you.

Sad, frustrated, disappointed, and angry you return home that night and proceed to eat everything in your home, and you fall into bed feeling sick and disgusted with yourself.

Now here’s where the fork in the road appears… you wake up the next day and get back on track, or do you destroy yourself with shame and this stops being a one meal slip and transforms into a five day binge that results in a gain of six pounds?

The key to losing weight and then keeping it off in maintenance is the decision that is made in that moment.

If you are like most people, you take the road that leads to The Shame Cycle, and results in feelings of low self-worth and humiliation. This one slip could turn into a ten pound gain and a depression that is hard to recover from.

In today’s podcast, I am going to discuss how to identify when you have fallen into The Shame Cycle after a slip, and how to get yourself back on track and feeling good about yourself.

You will learn:

  • The stages of the Shame Cycle
  • Why having a community of like-minded supporters is so important when wanting to address emotional eating and losing weight.
  • How to break-free from the cycle and come out of it feeling even better about yourself than before

Learn how The Breakthrough Membership can assist you in getting yourself back into your eating groove and help you maintain belief in yourself even when things happen that disrupt your peace.

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To take your first step in learning more about The Breakthrough Method of weight loss and management of emotional eating, take my free course, Food Freedom, by visiting my website at

Understanding The Shame Cycle and how to get yourself out of it as quickly as possible after a slip is the key to continuing your weight loss progress and keeping your weight off.

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