#085 - Dr. Joseph Mercola: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Wi-Fi & Cell Phones, 5G Exposure, Dirty Electricity, Grounding & Shielding Products, EMF Hypersensitivity, And More!


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6:35 - Dr. Mercola's Introduction To EMF

8:00 - Heavy Metal And EMF

8:15 - What Is EMF, Why Are They Problematic?

9:45 - X-Rays And Microwaves

10:20 - NAD To Repair Damage Done From EMF

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13:25 - What Does EMF Do To The Cell?

14:50 - How Acute Is The Damage Compared To Distance From Exposure

15:15 - Cellphones

17:25 - Oura Ring EMF

18:05 - CGM EMF

20:00 - How Industry Covers Up EMF Harm

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28:00 - Future Awareness Of EMF

29:15 - Mitigating Wi-Fi Harm

29:40 - Ethernet Cables

31:55 - How Does Bluetooth Compare?

32:20 - 5G And 5G Wi-Fi

34:10 - Dirty Electricity

34:50 - Grounding Mats

35:05 - EMF Canopy

36:45 - EMF Clothing

38:00 - Headphones

39:00 - Smart Meters

39:30 - EMF Hypersensitivity

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